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Allison Kerr's
Easy Right-Hand
Guitar Technique

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Allison's Story

Allison Kerr’s Right-Hand Guitar Technique specializes in empowering musicians to find and connect to their inner creativity. Through lessons, Allison guides you to expand your musical abilities, rhythm, and stylistic expression on guitar.


Allison’s teaching technique elevates your ability to improvise, bolsters your ability to communicate through music, and boosts your capacity to meet the preferred style of your music therapy clients.  


Allison’s personalized instruction technique is tailored to rapidly improving your rhythmic and stylistic performance on guitar, and strives to provide an environment that encourages growth, exploration, and a sense of accomplishment.


Allison’s passion for music and teaching is fueled by inspiring others reach their musical goals.


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Easy Right Hand Guitar Techniques

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Book Review
8 Easy Right Hand Guitar Styles
Book Reviews

I was lucky to have Allison as a professor, as I’ve used her techniques throughout my professional music therapy experience! Learning how to emulate multiple musical styles through Ms. Kerr’s strumming techniques let me become a strong rhythm guitar player and match clients preferred singing styles more easily.

Sally Ann Nichols

Clinical Supervisor Music Therapy -

University of Georgia

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